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Simona Hadjigeorgalis is a writer and advocate for women's self-care. She's the author of The Busy Woman's Guidebook to Vibrant Vitality, creator of the Digestion Zone, and co-founder of the wellness website FueltheBodyWell.com
Simona with Rabbi Address on Boomer Generation Radio jan 2014
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How can you reverse that Retirement 15?

January 15, 2014 0

On the January 7th Boomer Generation Radio Show, Rabbi Address and I spoke about the ‘Retirement 15’ (and how to reverse it!) We talked about connecting with the wisdom of our human vehicles and exploring [Read more…]

hamentashen at Purim
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Purim, Merriment, and Wellness

February 23, 2013 0

Purim merriment is upon us. As we laugh and feel joy, we are inviting in health and well being. Can you feel it? The hamentashen, the grape juice, and the masquerading The Megillah reading and [Read more…]

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Passover: A wellness ritual?

March 9, 2012 3

Passover is a wonderful time of year to clean our external and internal spaces.  For many of us, we already carve out the time to clean our kitchens in preparation for the holiday.  And we [Read more…]

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Homemade, low-calorie, energy boosting drink

January 25, 2012 2

Cha-cha-cha-chia!  Yes, the same seeds that are the subject of those hilarious informercials for Chia Pets are also a superfood. Chia seeds are an outstanding source of omega-3, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron. What does [Read more…]

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Transition back into Routine

January 8, 2012 0

With the winter holidays behind us, it is time to get back into our routines.  The transition back into routine takes some effort, which makes now a particularly important time to nurture ourselves.  It is [Read more…]

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Human Be-ings (not human do-ings)

May 2, 2011 0

Most of us are caretakers or providers or some other life-path that does not make it feasible to sit in a meditative state and “be” all day long.  So realistically, how can we meet our [Read more…]

sugar cravings may be a sign of stress
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Desserts spelled backward

March 25, 2011 0

  Stressed is desserts spelled backward.   As a dessert-lover, I am not suggesting that savoring a sweet treat is a sign of stress.  However, when our enjoyment escalates into cravings, it is a good time [Read more…]

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