A Time to Prepare – Discussion Guide and Forms

A Time to Prepare - Discussion Guide and Forms

These Life Data forms have been prepared to serve as a basis for starting the “Conversation” among families.
It is important, as you begin the process of discussing your wishes, to note where important papers, documents and personal forms are found, as well as forms that list your wishes for end of life affairs. This Life Data material is part of material that we will be making available on Jewish Sacred Aging to assist you and your family in developing a comprehensive “care plan” that encompasses your wishes and what you wish. The focus should be on “this is what I want”, rather than “this is what I do not want”. If you have no family to consult with, try and determine those people close to you whom you feel will be able to carry out your wishes. Feel free to share this information. It may be a good idea to share this information, not only with family/friends, but also clergy, lawyer and physician.

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