Reflections on Aging

The Friendship Test

April 25, 2017 Carole Leskin 0

One of the most memorable and influential people in my life was Mrs. Raboy. She was my second grade teacher. Unlike most of the other teachers at SC Elementary School she was not warm or [Read more…]

Rabbi David Levin
D'vrei Torah

Who is your Person?

December 31, 2013 Rabbi David Levin 2

The URJ Biennial was an amazing conclave, several days of camaraderie and learning. It was powerful time reminding us that we are more than just ourselves; we belong to something greater, something that helps shape [Read more…]

No Picture
D'vrei Torah

Exile and Love

February 2, 2012 Rabbi Richard Address 0

The Torah cycle we are in now speaks of the beginnings of the journey for the Israelites from Egypt into the wilderness. The “routine” of wondering has set in and, despite the awesome aspect of [Read more…]

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