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    Rabbi Rifat Sonsino Discusses Sephardi Jewish Customs on This Week’s TV Show and Podcast
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In a world of such uncertainty, wherefrom one day to the next, we aren’t sure where our insights, pleasures, security or good news can stem from, we must hold onto the BEST of what we rely on.

Many of our faithful readers and contributors have come to value and appreciate the meaningful content that shares information and heartfelt experiences in the lives of Jewish Baby Boomers. We hope to continue to make this website an important vehicle for easy to find/critical data that is consequential to our lives.

We have plans to increase our electronic footprint. We hope to expand educational opportunities and the Seekers of Meaning podcasts. To do that, we do need your help and hope you will make a contribution to Jewish Sacred Aging® so our nourishment from this significant and unique reservoir of knowledge can continue to grow. Likewise, we are always looking for ideas and contributors to share their concerns, thoughts and ideas.

Jewish Sacred Aging is aligned with the Jewish Community Foundation of South New Jersey as a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization, and your support will defray operating costs. May we suggest help in multiples of CHAI, $18.00, as a starting number for your generous gift. The donate button on the website directs you to the Foundation’s site to make your contribution.

The Jewish Sacred Aging staff appreciates your gift and in return, sends blessings of good health, much happiness and peace. In this world of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, let’s continue to perpetuate the security and continuation of information that brings TIKVAH to our lives.

Virtual Memorial Service Available

Rabbi Address has recorded a virtual memorial service accessible here, or in the video player below, which may be used at times of mourning where it is not possible to have an in-person service.

Talmud Torah

March 22, 2021 0

The Four Levels of Meaning to the Haggadah

Rabbi Dr. Steven Moss explains the four levels of understanding the Passover Haggadah. [Read more...]