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Jewish Baby Boomers

Rabbi Address’s article on Baby Boomers published by Steinhardt Foundation

Rabbi Address’s latest article, “The Next Frontier: Baby Boomers and their Challenge to the Communal Status Quo,” appears in the Autumn 2010 issue of Contact, the quarterly publication of the Steinhardt Foundation. You can download a PDF [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

Into the light of the future

The Torah cycle that we read this month deals a lot with Joseph and his sojourn in Egypt; his rise from prisoner to minister and his eventual reunion with his family. Indeed, one of the [Read more…]

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Health and Wellness Programs

Empathy: How Does It Help Us Relate To Others and What Is Its Role in Medicine?

Empathy is a frequently misunderstood term that refers to one’s ability to understand and identify with another person’s emotional experiences and feelings.  The true empathic individual is aware and accepting of the other person’s thoughts, [Read more…]

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Care-Giving Concerns

Important New York Times article about long-term care planning

A hat-tip to Rabbi Jennifer Gertman for pointing out this New York Times article, “Ignore Long-Term Care Planning at Your Peril,” by Ron Lieber. The costs of long-term care can be frightening, and insurance bought [Read more…]