Reflections on Aging

New York Times: United States Lags in Alzheimer’s Support

The New York Times “New Old Age” blog reports on a Senate report that highlights several trends related to care for people with Alzheimer’s disease in five countries. The US does not come out on [Read more…]

Rabbi Address at a recent workshop
Care-Giving Concerns

Our journey through the ‘club sandwich’ stage of life

I have long maintained that we have, in this country and in this day and age, created a new life stage; that of care-giver. Yes, people have been caring for people as long as we [Read more…]

Rabbi Mark Weider
Care-Giving Concerns

Chaplain’s Diary: Mindreading and Grudges

Editor’s Note: This month we welcome a new contributor to JSA, Rabbi Mark Wieder, the Campus Chaplain at River Garden Hebrew Home/Wolfson Health & Aging Center and The Coves in Jacksonville, Florida. “She knows what [Read more…]

Sandy Taradash
Baby Boomer Bubbe

The Best Chanukah Present Ever!

  It’s Thanksgiving morning and I wake up to no smells because years ago my youngest daughter stole Thanksgiving dinner from me. She decided I did Passover much better than she ever could, which was [Read more…]

Rabbi Richard Address
D'vrei Torah

A most powerful conversation

One of the most challenging moments for many of us Baby Boomers is when we know that we must have, “the conversation”. This is the talk with our parents or parent about their wishes for [Read more…]

Rabbi Address speaking at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple, Beachwood, OH
Jewish Baby Boomers

Rabbi Address discusses ‘Seekers of Meaning’ at Ohio book festival

Rabbi Address was on the road in Beachwood, OH November 14, where he discussed his book, Seekers of Meaning at the Mandel JCC Festival of Jewish Books and Authors, held at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple. [Read more…]

Rabbi David Kohn
Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast #6: A conversation with Rabbi Douglas Kohn about Judaism, Cancer, Alzheimer’s

In this program, Podcast #6 in our series, Rabbi Address chats with Rabbi Douglas Kohn of Congregation Emanu El, Redlands, CA about his two books, Life, Faith, and Cancer, about his own battle with cancer, [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Calm in the face of life: A reflection from Jewish ethical tradition

The parsha entitled Chaye Sarah, the Life of Sarah, begins with Sarah’s death at the age of 127.  Abraham purchases a burial site for his wife, the cave of Machpelah, from Ephron the Hittite for [Read more…]

No Picture
Reflections on Aging

What Happens?

Over almost forty years in the pulpit have given me ample ammunition for almost every imaginable inquiry. Sifting through all of those interrogations – some of them very formal and others closer to drive-by-shootings at [Read more…]

No Picture
Baby Boomer Bubbe

Have You Read a Good Book Lately? Judge a Book by its Cover…

This is how my son describes the books I’ve been reading for the past 35 years: So they were poor Jews in Russia/Eastern Europe, the bad guys came and burned their homes and they were [Read more…]