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Baby Boomer Bubbe

To Daven or to Play Ball? That is the Question…

My Bubbe was a wise sage, Russian born, orphaned by the time she was nine months old, separated from three of her four siblings while she and a sister were raised by their wealthy/rabbi/merchant maternal [Read more…]

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Jewish Baby Boomers

Random Encounters

I officiated at a re-consecration of vows for a couple this past weekend who were celebrating their 60th anniversary. Though we are far from Yom Kippur, I have a confession: my first thoughts were about [Read more…]

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Health and Wellness Programs

Stress: A Part of Our Lives; A Factor in Our Health; A Potential for Growth and Change (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: This is part two of an excellent review of how stress affects our lives and our health. Part I is available here. This part of the column deals with living in the present [Read more…]