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D'vrei Torah

Craig Taubman’s ‘Jewels of Elul’ site offers email inspiration

Craig Taubman, a dynamic Jewish singer-songwriter best known for his collaboration with Rabbi David Wolpe in the creation of the Friday Night Live Shabbat service at Temple Sinai in Los Angeles, has again launched his [Read more…]

Dr. Shoshana Nock
Health and Wellness Programs

The Eyes of a Baby Boomer

Editor’s Note: Joining our network of contributors is Dr. Shoshana Nock, an optometrist in Houston specializing in vision issues of concern to Baby Boomers. One of the unfortunate side effects of growing older is the [Read more…]

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Baby Boomer Bubbe

Fact or Fiction? Frame of Reference, Objective VS Subjective?

This is a question I try to teach my grandchildren. At such young ages, do they get it? Do you hammer the difference between objective vs subjective into them, keep referring to “frame of reference,” [Read more…]

Rabbi Dayle Friedman
Reflections on Aging

Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast #4: Growing Older: A Sacred Journey: A Conversation with Rabbi Dayle Friedman

  In the fourth Jewish Sacred Aging podcast, Rabbi Address discusses “Growing Older: A Sacred Journey,” with Rabbi Dayle Friedman, a pioneer in forging a Jewish spiritual response to the challenges and blessings of later [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

Release and Relief

I attended the funeral last month for a woman my age. This, alone, has a way of bringing one’s own mortality into sharp focus. Still, circumstances were decidedly different. This individual, the sister of a [Read more…]

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Bringing Back a Boomer Gap!

Remember the “generation gap”? If I remember, we were a big part of that in the 60’s and 70’s. Time moves on, as they say, and it seems that we are part of another generation [Read more…]