Berta Zylberstajn, executive secretary, World Union for Progressive Judaism - Latin America
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Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast #5: Progressive Judaism in Latin America, a conversation with Berta Zylberstajn

Rabbi Address has just returned from participation in the 4th Conference of Jewish Communities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, sponsored by the World Union for Progressive Judaism – Latin America WUPJ-LA). The World Union for Progressive [Read more…]

Sandy Taradash
Baby Boomer Bubbe

Holiday Food, Jewish Style

As the High Holidays approach, and we reflect upon the year past, we are in touch with the essence of our deeds, the essence of one’s soul and the essence of our relationship to and [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

The Coming Generational Conflict: It’s Our Fault Again!

For some reason, in recent months there has been a rise of articles detailing the fact that Boomers are now a major factor in the decline of our economic well being. We have the “chutzpah” [Read more…]