Care-Giving Concerns

Rabbi Jon Kendall Reflects on Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month

I was raised in a neighborhood with scads of post-war baby boomer kids. We had a proverbial circus growing up in that rarefied time. The family next door was a little older and their children [Read more…]

Baby Boomer Bubbe

Do Jews Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Not sure if it was Hallmark, Macy’s or Congress (guessing the economy would be helped by the public’s spending) that decided we needed February 14 to express our love to those we cherish 24/7/365 days [Read more…]

Care-Giving Concerns

Living a Satisfying Life While Having a Chronic Illness – Part 2

Living with a chronic illness certainly poses many challenges that require inner strength, creativity, adaptation, resiliency, and focus to live as fully as possible under new physical, emotional, social, and spiritual circumstances. I referred to [Read more…]

Care-Giving Concerns

Lucky Lady | Short story by Stefanie Levine Cohen

This is a short thought piece on a woman coping with life following the death of her husband. The protagonist, Netty, tells us about her dreams and the challenges of coping with living a life [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Most Respected Senior Living Charities 2013 – is running a poll for the Most Respected Senior Living Charities 2013 – You can vote for your favorite charity at the link.

Exotic spices and produce on sale at the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv.
Jewish Baby Boomers

Sometimes the Third Ear Actually Works

This past week I visited a youngish middle-aged woman in the hospital. She had waged war against breast cancer for three difficult, trying years and finally, after genetic testing, decided that a double mastectomy was [Read more…]

Care-Giving Concerns

What doctors want done for themselves at the end of life – RadioLab podcast

The public radio program RadioLab, heard locally on WHYY-FM in the Philadelphia market, offers a series of podcast “articles.” One recent article, “The Bitter End,” describes the kinds of end-of-life care people ask from their [Read more…]

Care-Giving Concerns

2013 National Summit on Advanced Illness Care – Rabbi Address hosting panels

Updated 1/31/2013:  The conference is now over. Rabbi Address will report on the key highlights in upcoming blog comments. Rabbi Address, who is co-chair of the C-TAC Interfaith Work Group, spoke and moderated panels at [Read more…]

Rabbi Mark Weider
Care-Giving Concerns

Down the Slide

A silly moment, puzzling at the time. “I never put peas in stew.” I scratched my head. I’d been eating my mother’s stew all my life, and knew the recipe…beef, onions, carrots, potatoes, peas, etc. [Read more…]

Care-Giving Concerns

Rabbi Address co-chairing C-TAC InterFaith Workgroup

Rabbi Address is co-chairing the C-TAC InterFaith Workgroup on Spirituality and Healthcare. See more information on the C-TAC website, and tell us what you think we should be considering as issues in this area.