Jewish Baby Boomers

Rabbi Address speaks about “The 3/4 Life Crises” at Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles

Rabbi Address spoke at the Los Angeles Campus of the Hebrew Union College on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. His remarks, “The 3/4 Life Crises,” were livestreamed by HUC, and you can watch a replay of [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Lech L’cha: Going Forward–Seeking Our Meaning

We come this week to one of the most challenging and powerful passages of Torah. Genesis 12 begins with these famous words of “lech l’cha” which are usually translated “Go Forth”. Abram is “called” to [Read more…]


Choosing a Time to Die: Is It Time?

I recently had the honor of participating in a program at Congregation Beth Israel in West Hartford, CT. I was there as a scholar in residence and the congregation asked that the Sunday program be [Read more…]

Rabbi Richard Address, left, chats with Rabbi Lewis Eron, director of religious services at Lion's Gate, during the taping of "Conversations."
Care-Giving Concerns

JSA-TV: Rabbi Lewis John Eron, Director of Religious Services, Lion’s Gate CCRC ‘Conversation’ Part 1

In this video “Conversation,” Rabbi Address welcomes Rabbi Lewis John Eron Ph.D., director of religious services at Lion’s Gate, a continuing care retirement community in Voorhees, Camden County, NJ, sponsored by the Jewish Federation of [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Parasha Noah: Righteous and……..

As continue Jewish Sacred Aging’s look at Torah and how our text can give insight to our generation, we come to the coming week’s text, the story of Noah.There is so much in this text, [Read more…]

Guests on the October 14, 2014 Boomer Generation Radio are Krista McKay of the Delaware Valley chapter of the Alzheimer's Association (left) and Dr. Bahira Sherif-Trask of the University of Delaware.
Radio Show

BGR 10/14/2014: Alzheimer’s Association Resources and International Issues of Aging

On the October 14 episode of Boomer Generation Radio, Krista McKay, director of programs and services, Delaware Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association of Philadelphia, discusses the organization’s resources for families coping with Alzheimer’s Disease. [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

B’raisheet: Genesis, Creation and the Challenge of Being Alone

Welcome to a new section of The richness of our Torah is one that is discussed and studied in congregations and classrooms every week. This week, we begin again. “Parasha B’reisheet” brings with it [Read more…]


Celebrating Torah and New Beginnings

For our community, the Festival of Sukkot now draws to its conclusion with Simchat Torah. Dancing with the Torah scrolls will be a part of this celebration in every community. The High Holiday season that [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Rabbi Cary Kozberg: HHD Sermon, “…To still ‘hear the voice’”

Editor’s Note: Rabbi Cary Kozberg has been Director of Spiritual Life at Wexner Heritage Village in Columbus, OH, since 1989. His responsibilities include overseeing the religious and spiritual nurturing of residents, family members and staff [Read more…]

Radio Show

BGR 10/7/2014: The Economics of Aging, with Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University

The economics of aging is the topic on the October 7 Boomer Generation Radio program. Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University is the guest. About the Guest Laurence J. Kotlikoff is a William Fairfield Warren [Read more…]