Talmud Torah

The Challenge for Adult Jewish Learners

Contributed by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber and Marilyn Price, coordinators HEVREH, A Community of Adult Jewish Learners The liberal movements of Judaism emphasize the need to be open and inclusive. Congregations follow their movements’ examples [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Tetzaveh: We Are The Light!

This week we deal with detailed instructions for the creation of the tablernacle. The opening verse of the portion instructs us to bring beaten oil of olives “for kindling lamps regularly” (Exodus 27:20). The Hebrew [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Mystery and Medicine

Mystery and the unknown have been on my mind recently after facilitating one of the final sessions of The Healer’s Art course for first year medical students who have elected to explore the relational, humanistic, [Read more…]

Colin Milne, Colin Milner Author, entrepreneur, public speaker and chair of the International Council on Active Aging, lower left, and Dr. Jonathan Stacker, an Emory University gerontologist, are this week's Boomer Generation Radio guests
Radio Show

BGR 2/24/2015: Facing the Gerontologist Shortage and Advocacy for Active Aging

In the February 24, 2015 Boomer Generation Radio, the guests are Dr. Jon Flacker, a gerontologist from Emory University, and Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging. This program was also rebroadcast [Read more…]

Rabbi Address and Rabbi Dayle Friedman

JSA TV: Conversation with Rabbi Dayle Friedman, Founder of GrowingOlder.net (Part 1 of 2)

In this installment of  Jewish Sacred Aging TV’s “Conversations” program, Rabbi Address chats with Philadelphia-based rabbi and spiritual director, Rabbi Dayle Friedman. Rabbi Friedman consults on spirituality and aging through her web portal, GrowingOlder.net. Subscribe [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Terumah: Bring Me Gifts

With this Torah portion, “Terumah”, we go deeply into a first set if instructions concerning the construction of the Ark. No detail is spared here and other places in Torah. The passage begins with the [Read more…]


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Well, the flowers have pretty much faded, the cards are away and the candy has, for the most part, been eaten. Another Valentine’s Day gone. I admit to some fascination with Valentine’s Day. It has [Read more…]

Marc Freedman of Encore.org is the guest on Boomer Generation Radio February 10, 2015.
Radio Show

BGR 2/10/2015: An hour with Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org, challenging conventional thinking about aging

In the February 10, 2015 Boomer Generation Radio program, Rabbi Address spends the entire hour with Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org, which describes itself as “building a movement to tap the skills and experience of those [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Mishpatim: There Is No Substitute for Life Experience

With this week’s double Torah portion “Mishpatim/Shekelim” we enter the world of law. The drama of Sinai is over and the gradual evolution of law within Torah begins. In the portion “Mishpatim” however, is a [Read more…]


A Message From Phoenix

I just returned from a very exciting experience in Phoenix, Arizona. I had the honor of being part of the faculty for LimmudAZ. This was a day long education market place open to the Jewish [Read more…]