Rabbis Yosaif (left) and Tsurah August are the guests on the January 31, 2017 Boomer Generation Radio show.
Radio Show

Rabbis Tsurah and Yosaif August on chaplaincy and compassionate care, on Jan. 31 Boomer Generation Radio

On this final episode of Boomer Generation Radio, the guests are Rabbi Tsurah August and Yosef August discussing chaplaincy and compassionate care. Rabbi Tsurah August is a chaplain for Jewish Family & Children’s Service of [Read more…]


Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month: Lessons Learned from the Sandwich Generation

February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month. Shelly Christensen, MA literally wrote the book on inclusion of people with disabilities, the Jewish Community Guide to Inclusion of People with Disabilities. In this guest post, she describes advocacy for people with disabilities. [Read more…]

"A New Normal?" by Randy Heinitz, via Flickr.com (Creative Commons License)

Caregiving, the ACA and Congregations

I recently returned from a very fulfilling weekend at another congregation. The two congregational weekends this month both included a series of discussions that touched on the very real issue of caregiving. When asked, an [Read more…]

David's Star (Patrick Lentz photo via Flickr.com, Creative Commons license.)
D'vrei Torah

Va’era: Freeing Our Self From The Burdens?

With this week’s portion, “Va’era” we move to the section of Torah familiar to so many, for it begins the back and forth between Moses and Pharaoh. In this famous “discussion” that included Moses’s back [Read more…]

Radio Show

Health Benefits and ‘Couples Retirement Puzzle’ Discussed on Boomer Generation Radio Jan. 24, 2017 Show

On the January 24, 2017, the guests are William Benson, a principal in the Silver Springs, MD-based health benefits consulting firm, Health Benefits ABCs LLC, and Dorian (Dori) Mintzer, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and life [Read more…]

Carole Leskin Photo/Used by permission.
Carole's Corner

Snow – A Play in Two Acts

Act One It was Friday morning and the first snowstorm of the season was coming. The weather people on all the television stations began the alerts early. They told of the potential dangers, the damage [Read more…]

Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

Emily Pinzur, Death and Mourning Doula, discusses her practice on Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast January 20

In this edition of the Jewish Sacred Aging podcast, the guest is Emily Pinzur, an end of life doula, who provides informational, emotional, spiritual and practical support to clients as they engage consciously and fully [Read more…]

"A New Normal?" by Randy Heinitz, via Flickr.com (Creative Commons License)

A Few Random Thoughts On A New Administration In Washington!

So the country is poised to inaugurate the next president. In my lifetime, I cannot recall a more anxious inauguration day. So many unknowns. No doubt, the next few years will be of utmost importance [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Sh’mot: What Does It Mean To Grow Up?

We begin a new book this Shabbat. Exodus begins with the famous words that a new Pharaoh arose who knew not Joseph. No doubt many colleagues will be preaching on this verse as the coincidence [Read more…]