D'vrei Torah

Tetzaveh: The “Light” of Meaningful Choices

We continue this week with instructions regarding the Tabernacle and priesthood. This portion is known for the commandment to bring oil for lighting, “for kindling lamps regularly” (Exodus 27:20). This lighted lamp which is “to [Read more…]

London Underground, 2008. Copyright ©2008 Steve Lubetkin. Used by permission.
Talmud Torah

Mind Where You Step

I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. It was an extraordinarily diverse community with large Italian and African American populations. The Italians, mostly from Sicily and Calabria, were pretty nonchalant about Jews unless a [Read more…]

Baby Boomer Bubbe

The Colors of Growing Older

I see the world through colors. Colors affect me viscerally. Colors touch my brain, my skin, my soul. As a young child, my Father, who was an artist, musician and writer, introduced me to the [Read more…]