Yom Kippur 5778: Adjusting to the Constancy of Change?

Many of the people with whom I am friends know, in some way, that I am a sports fan. It is a wonderful escape, some measure of therapy and, without trying to sound too glib, [Read more…]

Talmud Torah

Rabbi, Is This Chicken Kosher? and Other Musings on Life and Death as We Prepare for Yom Kippur

I begin with one of my favorite stories: A Reform and an Orthodox Rabbi are walking down the street, deeply engaged in an animated discussion (already you know this is a tale of some vintage [Read more…]

Rabbi Ben David, left, poses with his newest book, Seven Days, Many Voices: Insights into the Biblical Story of Creation, while taping this podcast interview with Rabbi Richard Address in the Professional Podcasts studios at The Lubetkin Media Companies, Cherry Hill, NJ
Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

Rabbi Ben David discusses his new book on ‘Creation,’ on Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast

Rabbi Ben David, senior rabbi of Congregation Adath Emanu-El, Mount Laurel. NJ, returns to the Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast to discuss Seven Days, Many Voices: Insights into the Biblical Story of Creation, (order the book here)  the book [Read more…]

"Rosh Hashanah 5769 - The Table," by Edsel Little, used via Creative Commons License on
Baby Boomer Bubbe

Sandy Taradash: High Holiday Thoughts and Considerations….

To be fully human or not To do or not to do To challenge or accept To have or not to have To seek knowledge or inhabit ignorance To grow emotionally or stay status quo [Read more…]


Rosh Hoshonnah 5778: That We Can “See” The Choices Before Us!

Shalom. Shannah Tovah. The new year 5778 is dawning and with it come our hopes and dreams, and anxieties for our future. What will this new year bring? Who shall we be a year from [Read more…]

Cafe Shalom, by Fredrik Rubensson, from via Creative Commons license.
Talmud Torah

Shalom Bayit versus Difficult Conversations

Editor’s Note: This guest post was written by Howard Greenberg and Dr Edmond Weiss of M’kor Shalom in Cherry Hill, NJ, based on a program they presented at the congregation. Talking with a spouse or an [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Ha’azinu: In The End, It is Still Up To Us

Deuteronomy 32 contains a long poem/song that forms the basis of this week’s portion. Moses is concluding his farewell sermon. We are at the next to last portion of Deuteronomy. We are at the cusp [Read more…]


Selichot/Elul-3: A Year of Living Our Values

The other day, there was an ad in the New York times for an investment firm which read “You can transfer wealth across generations. But how do you transfer values?” A day later, an op-ed [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Nitzavim-Vayelech: What’s Love Got To Do With……

Our Torah cycle and our year is drawing to a close and this week we meet a double portion. The concluding farewell sermon of Moses draws our attention to so many issues. He reminds us [Read more…]