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Dr. Muriel Gillick, expert on aging​, and Alan Yoffie, Reform Jewish author

Dr Muriel Gillick, an expert on aging, author of the Life In The End Zone blog and Old and Sick in America: The Journey through the Health Care System (Studies in Social Medicine) is our first [Read more…]

David's Star (Patrick Lentz photo via, Creative Commons license.)

Purim: Take Off The Masks And Claim Your Place!

Some four decades ago, Dr Eugene Brorowtiz (z’l) published his class “The Masks Jews Wear”. He attempted to look, in a systematic way, at the great changes then erupting within the contemporary American Jewish world [Read more…]

Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan, left, and Rabbi Peter Knobel, both authors of new books, are guests on the Feb. 20, 2018 Jewish Sacred Aging Radio show.
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CCAR Press new authors… Rabbi Peter Knobel and Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan

Rabbi Peter Knobel and Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan are the guests on this edition of Jewish Sacred Aging Radio. Rabbi Knobel is author of Navigating the Journey: The Essential Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle. Rabbi [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Titzaveh: How Do We Remember? What Shall Be Our Legacy?

This week’s portion, “Titzavah”, continues the theme of last week’s section in that we discuss the “Mishakan” and find ourselves dealing with the ordination of priests, specifically Aaron and his children. The introduction of the [Read more…]

"Mourning," by Rob Oo, via under Creative Commons 2.0 license
Talmud Torah

Meaning Beyond All Blessings And Poems

Editor’s Note: This essay by Rabbi Steven G. Sager is reposted with permission from “I want my kids to say Kaddish for me after I die, but I can’t explain to them why, or what Kaddish means to me. [Read more…]


The Challenge of the “R” Factor In Life

This is a difficult time. Once again we seem to be faced with the challenges of events taking place that we did not plan for, even expect. As the cliché goes, we have been dealt [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Terumah: Where Does Your God Dwell?

Portion “Terumah” (Exodus 25:1-27:19) is concerned mainly with instructions on building the portable “mishkan”. This is the reflection in Torah of the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The details of the building are complex [Read more…]

Corrine Carey, left, of Compassion and Choices, and Susan Berrin, editor of Shma Now, are the guests on this episode of Jewish Sacred Aging Radio
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Sh’ma Now Magazine editor Susan Berrin, Compassionate Choices, Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin

Sh’ma Now magazine editor in chief Susan Berrin is the featured guest on this show. Sh’ma Now is a leading location of creative Jewish thought and Susan will be taking about the journal’s history, development [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Mishpatim: What Angel Guides You?

The Torah portion this week, “Mishpatim” (Exodus 21f) begins the long legal narrative of Torah. As the Israelites are beginning their journey, we are introduced to a long recitation of laws, designed to bind the [Read more…]