Rabbi Abby Michaelski, left, and Kohenet Ma’ayana Tishman are the leaders of the RAPHA Center, which creates opportunities for individuals and and communities to build strong spiritual connections and experiences that provide comfort to the mind, body, and soul.
Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

SOM Podcast: RAPHA, The Center for Healing and Spirituality, with Rabbi Abby Michaleski and Kohenet Ma’ayana Tishman

On this episode of the Seekers of Meaning Podcast, Rabbi Address interviews Rabbi Abby Michaleski and Kohenet Ma’ayana Tishman, founders of RAPHA, The Center for Healing and Spirituality. RAPHA offers experiential teachings in Torah and Jewish tradition that encourage [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Vayeshev: The Danger of Nothingness?

Vayeshev, this week’s portion contains a wealth of issues that speak to our world and lives. The portion contains two powerful stories that, I am sure, many colleagues will speak about this weekend. In Genesis [Read more…]

Baby Boomer Bubbe

I Have More Years Behind Me Than I Do In Front of Me

Today is the 51st birthday of my daughter, the eldest child of three. I tossed and turned all last night, thinking it was because I was not in my own bed while doing an overnight [Read more…]

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Guest Blog Post: Who will be your next kinkeeper?

A 2018 study by Cigna on Loneliness in America concluded that “Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it more dangerous than obesity.” [Read more…]

Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

SOM Podcast: Steve and Stefanie Cohen of Meditation4Leadership.org, Teaching Meditation to Organizations

On this edition of the Seekers of Meaning Podcast, the guests are Steve and Stefanie Cohen from Meditation4Leadership.org, a nonprofit organization that helps corporations and other groups benefit from the practice of meditation. [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Va’yishlach: Who Is The Person Who Changed Your Life?

This week’s portion, Va’yishlach, contains some of the most dramatic stories in Torah. The highlight is the famous encounter between Jacob and Esau. This reconciliation, of sorts, plays out in Genesis 32 and 33. The story [Read more…]

Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast
D'vrei Torah

Vayetzei: As We Awaken From Our Sleep……

Parashah Vayetzei bridges the Jacob-Esau narrative as it takes us from Jacob’s departure from his home to Haran and the encounter for years with Laban and Rachel and Leah. The portion (Genesis 28:10-32:3) deals with [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Sacred Work

Rabbi David Levin writes about his experience extending chaplaincy care in Pittsburgh as part of the American Red Cross support team, following the shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue there. [Read more…]