Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast 8/12/2022: Reb Carl Viniar, Rabbinic Pastor and Marital Counselor

Joining Rabbi Address on this week’s Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast is Reb Carl Viniar, a rabbinic pastor and retired attorney who is an expert in marital counseling and mediation. [Read more…]


Pre-Marital Counseling for 2d and Subsequent Marriages: A New Guide for Clergy

   One of the more interesting challenges that face clergy is when an older adult couple presents themselves to discuss marriage. Are there different questions that need to be asked? Is the nature of the [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

V’etchanan (Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11) A Foundation of Kindness

  This week’s portion is  quite well known. Many of the portion’s verses find their way into so many prayer books, private prayers etc. Just look at the beginning of the portion (4:44) and the [Read more…]

Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

Seekers of Meaning 8/5/2022: Dr. Sara Zeff Geber, expert in Solo Aging

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, the guest is Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D., author of the book Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers. [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

D’varim (Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22) Change, Transition and Our Spiritual Journey

  The Book of Deuteronomy begins with the first of several “sermons” delivered by Moses. It is time for the Israelites to move into the land that had been promised. It has been forty years [Read more…]