A new resource for care-givers

A while ago I met with the people at Health Advocate in suburban Philadelphia. They were featured in a long article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Rabbi Richard AddressI was intrigued by the fact that individuals could sign up for a service that would help them navigate the maze-like structures of health care, insurances and facilities.

The service was developed for business as part of a benefits package. Recently, they branched out into providing help for individuals on a membership basis.

I wanted to make our readers aware of this service. In letting you know of this service please understand that we are in no way benefiting from Health Proponents.

As part of creating resources for you that help in the very serious of care-giving, this is one resource which seems to be coming along at the right time. As we hear of other such resources (or if you do) we will try to include them as well.


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