A Poem….

I decided to take a walk today along the path they call Beautiful Journey.


I love this walk because the flowers bloom in G-d’s brightest shades of Her pallet

Even in the dead of winter there always seems to be a shade of yellow

To warm me like the shining sun

Or a blush of pink to remind me of a new born baby’s cheek.


In the summer I feel as though I’m floating through a Chagall painting

The hues are so bright I have to remind myself to bring my sun glasses

Or my deteriorating eyes will miss the view

And the walk will be for not.


My cane keeps me balanced on my walk, too many bike riders and skate boarders

I am not as steady as I once was

How I love to dream of those exciting nights from my youth

On dance floors that brought a lift to my soul while I danced the night away.


Oh, look! A toddler taking her first step! Such kvelling parents

Those were the days when my babies did their “firsts” and I cried, literally cried, with joy

How fast they grow, how fast life moves

What did I miss? What have I forgotten?


I keep myself busy. I read all the time. I listen to the news every day

I will never be one of those old people who is clueless about today’s world


Many friends won’t embrace today. Ignorant people. Why stay stuck in the past?


I have made sure my grandson, such a good boychik

Has taught me to use the computer. Oy! I am so smart because of Google!

I can text, I do text! I look up any question on my phone and get an instant answer!

Do you know which U.S. president appointed the most Supreme Court Justices?


Well, it was George Washington, with 11 appointments

Oy vey! What if that guy with the funny hair and big mouth becomes president?

Who will he appoint to the Supreme Court?

All the years I spent for good causes, righteous causes, could go down the toilet.


As Jews we have to remember where we came from

And help those who need our help. I’m afraid that guy will try to change our hard work

We Jews have sacrificed so much in our history for survival

We must not let our grandchildren ever forget that. They must know. We must tell them.


Oh, wait! I have to help that old man! He dropped his water bottle

“Let me help you, I’ll get it! Here, maybe you want to sit for awhile?”

See! That’s what I don’t understand! He grabbed the bottle from me

And went on his way without a thank you or a kind word. What is this world coming to?


It frightens me to think my kinderla will grow up in a selfish, uncaring civilization

Where people wake up too late to care for others and this planet!

Oy, there’s such little time to explain it all to them. Will they even stop

And put down their phones long enough to listen?


I’m not that naïve to know I can’t change the world. I tried when I was young

But it still doesn’t mean I can’t try now. I’m not that old

“Lady! You dropped your scarf! Here, it’s a lovely scarf, don’t want you to lose it.”

I try. A little bit every day, I try.


Sometimes I feel invisible

What an awful feeling

To be here and yet not be noticed

Or heard. That’s when I feel old.


G-d, help me keep my emotional strength

Even when my body is betraying me

I only want to be of sound mind

To think. To be kind. To be alive in spirit.


I pray that’s not too much to ask for.


Oh, look at that purple and red flower!

It’s a ladies eardrop, so beautiful and G-d at Her finest!

May sound corny but I love to stop and smell the roses

I have to every day. If not my spirit dies. I’m not ready to die. Too many roses.


I love this Beautiful Journey.








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