A Prayer For Loved One Coping With Covid

Image by hurk from Pixabay

Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub has given us permission to post his prayer for someone we love who is dealing with Covid. We offer this as we remember the over half million people in this country who have died in the now one year that we have been dealing with this pandemic.

Dear Source of all Living Beings:

The family of humankind has been facing a devastating pandemic,

spread across the earth and causing incalculable suffering and death.

Our loved one____________ has been diagnosed with this perilous virus,

plunging us into further uncertainty, distress and terror.

We turn to You for special support and strength in this time of great vulnerability and despair.

Bring__________a speedy, sturdy healing in all dimensions possible.

Strengthen and guide those healthcare professionals who are laboring to restore health,

as well as all the “ordinary people” who make day-to-day life possible;

Enable communities and society to care for those who are ill

as well as for those who love them, who cannot be physically in touch with their close ones.

As we pray for our dear____________

So we pray for all those experiencing sudden and severe illness.

May we soon see a world vaccinated and restored to life,

returning to a sense of normalcy and appropriate routine,

while actively committing to undo the extreme inequities that this pandemic made plain for all to see.

For You, Compassionate One, are the Healer of All, Doing Wondrous Things.

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