A Prayer For Making New Friends Upon Moving Into a Retirement Community

Group of seniors enjoying each others' company

Source of All, Creator of Times and Seasons,

I am tired.

I have suffered so many losses—family, long-time friends, my home, my community, and now, my independence.

Only You and I know how much I feel like a stranger in this new place full of new people, this place where I have come to live the last part of my life.

I feel so alone.

I long to have someone to sit with at meals, to join in activities,

people to talk with, people who will grow to care about me and people for whom I will grow to care.

I yearn for friends.

Eternal Rock of Israel,

Help me to overcome my fear of starting over.

Bless me with the energy to reach out to my fellow residents.

Strengthen me and give me the courage to seek out and form new relationships.

Help me to once again feel the joy and blessing of belonging.


About Rabbi Janet Madden 1 Article
Rabbi Janet Madden Ph.D is a four-time fellowship recipient of the National Endowment for the Humanities and a graduate of Kol Zimra Sacred Chant and a certified Jewish Spiritual Director. She has served as Rabbi to the Progressive Jewish community in Poland while also lecturing on Jewish texts and literature at a number of Polish universities. A GreenFaith Fellow, she has published in areas that range from literary critical studies to ritual and environmental studies. She is a member of the Jewish Burial Society of Southern California and, post-ordination, has earned four units of Clinical Pastoral Education, She serves as Visiting Rabbi at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica CA, as a Spiritual Care Counselor for Skirball Hospice and as the Rabbi of Temple Havurat Emet. She teaches in AJR-CA’s Spiritual Development Program and serves both as a Dayan and a member of the Board of Directors of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din.

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