A View From The Other Side–2

So, week two of being unable to walk, in full left leg brace, post surgery. This has been a very interesting experience , so far. I go back to surgeon tomorrow with a hope that he will clear me to go home so I can start the re-hab process—which several people have told me is not that much fun. It is amazing how much we do take for granted. As I may have mentioned before, this is the first turn for me at anything like this. It has been scary and enlightening.

I have learned again the value of family. My daughter and son In law were superb last week. Grandchildren hugs and smiles are as beneficial as any medicine. My wife flew down for surgery and has been a hero in my post surgery mood.Being a Jewish guy, I am not an easy patient.

You also get to understand many things as your world shrinks.
I never realized how true this is. There is a real “tzimtzum” at work. Every day a few more steps. Yesterday, a walk on the crutches out to the hotel pool. Wow. It was an explosion in possibility. All of a sudden the world expanded by 100 feet.
This event is very humbling. The mere attempt to move or to handle basic activities of daily living, becomes a challenge….and the loss of control!!!! Well, That is a whole high holiday sermon in itself.

I hope that the surgeon tomorrow will give the Ok to return home. Re hab awaits. I am trying to listen to the voices that scream “take it one day at a time “. We will see. This has given me a new respect and appreciation for people who live with disabilities every day. I hope that this awareness stays with me as I heal.

I thank you for indulging me in these past blogs. The writing about this has been helpful in seeing this in a larger context.
Take care and stay healthy. And, a huge shout out to MUSC here in Charleston.

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  1. Anyone who lives in two story houses knows you NEVER go up or down the stairs without carrying something! And rushing to spend time with your precious grandchildren? Please! YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! But in the eyes and mind of one who knows this Rabbi, maybe it’s a message from G-d to slow down, view the other side, be mindful of where you are going and most importantly, RELAX! Watch a few ball games, let others take care of you, soak in all the words of care-taking you’ve ever written and sermoned about and read some of those classics you’ve had no time for in the past 40 years! You may be impatient but you are too kind and thoughtful to be a bad patient! Sending prayers for a good recovery!

  2. Refuah Shleimah! Sometimes even with the best of intentions, things go wrong. I hope the rehab goes well for you and you stay up for the challenge of it. It is baseball season so there is stuff to watch while you are more sedentary. Even the Cubs are showing some promise this year.

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