An Alternative Way to Count the Omer

The thread that connects Passover to Shavuot is the Counting of the Omer. For so many, the counting is a relic of the past which we remember by merely mentioning the number of days that have elapsed. For me, it is much more. The Haggadah tells us that “we were slaves unto Pharoah in Egypt.” Deuteronomy says, “I make this covenant, with its sanctions, both with those who are here with us this day before the Eternal our God and with those who are not here with us this day.” Inspired by these words, I relive the journey from Egypt to Sinai, from slavery to freedom, from Passover to Shavuot by giving meaning to each day by making the Counting of the Omer count. The first day of each week is a time of reflection. The Shabbat of each week is a time to focus on a particular aspect of Shabbat. On each of the other days of the week, we focus on a trait which will help to make us a better person.

Counting the Omer Calendar 2024/5784

Week One of the Omer Counting

Count Day 1 on Tuesday night April 23

Reflection: What has been the most challenging part of this past year?

Count Day 2 on Wednesday night April 24

Focus on Love of Learning

Count Day 3 Thursday night April 25

Focus on Curiosity

Count Day 4   Friday night April 26

            Experience Shabbat by resting body and mind.

Count Day 5 Saturday night April 27

Focus on Perspective

Count Day 6 Sunday night April 28

Focus on Multidisciplinary Thinking

Count Day 7 Monday night April 29

            Focus on Creativity

Week Two of the Omer Counting

Count Day 8 Tuesday night April 30

Reflection: In what ways are you being called to journey forth right now?

Count Day 9 on Wednesday night May1

            Focus on Courage

Count Day 10 Thursday night May 2

Focus on Perseverance

Count Day 11   Friday night May 3

            Experience Shabbat by unplugging

Count Day 12 Saturday night May 4

Focus on Honesty

Count Day 13 Sunday night May 5

Focus on Enthusiasm

Count Day 14 Monday night May 6

Focus on Bravery

Week Three of the Omer Counting

Count Day 15 on Tuesday night May7

Reflection: What have been the detours on your life’s journeys?

Count Day 16 on Wednesday night May 8

            Focus on Social Intelligence

Count Day 17 Thursday night May 9

Focus on Kindness

Count Day 18   Friday night May 10

            Experience Shabbat by spending quality time with family

Count Day 19 Saturday night May 11

Focus on Empathy

Count Day 20 Sunday night May 12

Focus on Humanity

Count Day 21 Monday night May 13

Focus on Love

Week Four of the Omer Counting

Count Day 22 on Tuesday night May 14

Reflection: Write about an experience you have had in your life of not knowing. What were the lessons of that period?

Count Day 23 on Wednesday night May 15

            Focus on Fairness

Count Day 24 Thursday night May 16

Focus on Teamwork

Count Day 25   Friday night May 17

            Experience Shabbat by observing Shabbat dinner ritual.

Count Day 26 Saturday night May 18

Focus on Leadership

Count Day 27   Sunday night May 19

Focus on Taking Initiative

Count Day 28 Monday night May 20

Focus on Social Responsibility

Week Five of the Omer Counting

Count Day 29 on Tuesday night May 21

Reflection: In your journey right now, what obstacles are you experiencing? How can you overcome them?

Count Day 30 on Wednesday night May 22

            Focus on Prudence

Count Day 31 Thursday night May 23

Focus on Humility

Count Day 32   Friday night May 24

            Experience Shabbat by attending a service.

Count Day 33 Saturday night May 25

Focus on Self-control

Count Day 34 Sunday night May 26

Focus on Temperance

Count Day 35 Monday night May 27

Focus on Forgiveness

Week Six of the Omer Counting

Count Day 36 on Tuesday night May 28

Reflection: What is the vision that you have about who you want to become and embody at this moment in your life?

Count Day 37 on Wednesday night May 29

            Focus on Optimism

Count Day 38 Thursday night May 30

Focus on Gratitude

Count Day 39   Friday night May 31

            Experience Shabbat by reading or discussing a Jewish topic.

Count Day 40 Saturday night June 1

Focus on Humor

Count Day 41 Sunday night June 2

Focus on Spirituality

Count Day 42 Monday night June 3

Focus on Appreciation of Beauty

Week Seven of the Omer Counting

Count Day 43 on Tuesday night June 4

Reflection: Looking back over this past year, what have you learned about yourself?

Count Day 44 on Wednesday night June 5

            Focus on Mitzvah (Conscious acts of empathy and kindness)

Count Day 45 Thursday night June 6

Focus on Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World)

Count Day 46   Friday night June 7

            Experience Shabbat by taking a walk in nature.

Count Day 47 Saturday night June 8

Focus on T’filah (Prayer)

Count Day 48 Sunday night June 9

Focus on Torah (Study)

Count Day 49 Monday night June 10

Focus on Tzedakah (Charity)


Erev Shavuot: Tuesday, June 11

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  1. How inspiring is this way of counting the Omer!!! Thanks for showing us this new significative path of becoming better and of improving the world.
    Chag Pessach Sameach.

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