Author Jackie Becker, “Raging Against Aging,” on the Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast

Author Jackie Becker and her book, "Raging against Aging."
Author Jackie Becker and her book, "Raging against Aging."

On this episode of the Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast, author Jacqueline Becker discusses her book, Raging Against Aging, a collection of personal narratives about getting older reluctantly, or as Jackie puts it, “ranting and raving, laughing and crying, stretching and kvetching.”

About the Guest

Jacqueline Becker, a retired teacher, still works as a private tutor specializing in reading and writing.


  1. Really like the idea of a space to discuss aging…hitherto just discussedamongst close friends..but if its just going to be s kvetching site about aches ets that is avoiding the real issue… we want to be kept alive come what may….what sort of life can we expect when we sNs eyes, sans teethe, sans mobilty sans everything that makes life worth living….andhow to deal with the dilemma of that uncertainty…….

    • Yes, Brenda, a safe space to talk about our aging and dying is so very important. Especially since we are acculturated to fear and deny what we all agree is inevitable. And if we think that life peaks in middle age and its all downhill after that, then that’s what we get. The terms “Raging Against Aging” and ‘staring down the barrel of a gun’ are examples of internalized ageism. Old is NOT bad. Even with all the inevitable losses, including abilities and relationships, how we age is the important question.

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