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AnnMerle crafts unique online courses and experiences for women 50 and wiser who have big plans but can't quite get where they want to go because their bodies get in the way. She first created these solutions for herself after a 32-year career as an English professor, with too much sitting and not enough movement. Her hard-won career left her in lots of pain and even more anxiety about that pain. As we all know, sleep is crucial to our health. If you would like to improve your sleep and feel more alert and awake during the day, please sign up for my free, 3-day sleep challenge at: AnnMerle’s innovative courses and experiences, which can be done in the privacy of your own home, will bring you into a loving, soulful, and supportive relationship with your body. This soulful grounding will support you as you learn to breathe better, move more, massage away pain, and restore your strength - both physical and psychological. Our tribe of wise women are learning to love ourselves as we weave a new vision of what is possible for us as we walk the paths we dream of. Her website is