Reflections on Aging

Eyes neither dimmed nor strength abated

Upon Moses’ death the Bible observes, “His eye was not dimmed neither was his strength abated.” No one will write those words about me. Indeed, the Bible describes all the rest of its heroes declining [Read more…]

Photo Composition adapted from "Bella Bella Hospital 3" by Sara Star NS, via Creative Commons License
Reflections on Aging

A Health Crisis Changes Everything

Editor’s Note: This contribution from Rabbi Mark Levin was previously published on his Facebook page in 2014. I learned recently how disorienting it can be to have the life of the person on whom I [Read more…]

Passover Table 2, by April Killingsworth, from under Creative Commons 2.0 license.
D'vrei Torah

The End of Passover

Tonight is the seventh night of Pesah, and for Israelis and Reform Jews, the final night. I have just lit a memorial candle in memory of our deceased first degree family members: Sylvia and Bob [Read more…]

The Western Wall, Jerusalem/Steve Lubetkin Photo. Used by permission.
Talmud Torah

Rabbi Mark Levin on Spiritual Preparation

  [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are in our month of spiritual preparation. What is spirituality? The best definition for me is for a person to have meaning and purpose in life, and to attach ourselves to something more [Read more…]

Talmud Torah

Things Get Weird: Guest meditation from Rabbi Mark H. Levin

Things get weird this time of year. Memories compete with current events in my life. I miss and even long for those significant loved ones with whom I shared this season, speaking about the past, [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging