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Reb Carl's Column

Religious Freedoms Swing Like A Pendulum Do

Reb Carl Viniar expands on his recent “Spice Up Your Judaism” class about recent Supreme Court decisions, conducted for Congregation Kol Ami in Cherry Hill, NJ. [Read more…]

Reb Carl's Column

On Our Way Back Home

Reb Carl Viniar writes about how his college friends’ and Jewish fraternity brothers’ lives unfolded in an era of protest and personal achievement, but ended up with a renewed focus on Judaism. [Read more…]

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Reb Carl's Column

Picture Yourself In A Boat, On A River

In the recent Torah portion Tazria, we were given rules regarding mothers isolating from the community immediately after childbirth. I was asked, where did these moms go? What would a place look like where they [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

Evil Speech has Consequences

M’tzora, (Leviticus 14:1-15:33) Last week we learned of a mother’s isolation after childbirth. This week, God tells Moses how to “purify” a person who was afflicted by tsara’at and who then healed. A priest must [Read more…]

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Reb Carl's Column

Time, Time, Time To See What’s Become Of Me

Reb Carl Viniar recently has been ordained as a Rabbinic Pastor. He developed a comprehensive manual for clergy who are engaged in pre-marital counseling with older adults. We know that many of the issues and concerns that face second or third marriages are different from those younger people who are getting married for the first time. We are providing links to his manual as well as to a one-page “Checklist for Clergy”. [Read more…]