BGR 8/30/16: Virgil Hoftiezer and Alan Spector on Retirement

Virgil Hoftiezer, left, and Alan Spector, right, are the guests on the August 30, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio show.
Virgil Hoftiezer, left, and Alan Spector, right, are the guests on the August 30, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio show.

The guests on the August 30, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio are Dr. Virgil Hoftiezer, retired Associate Director and Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Allan Spector, co-author with Keith Lawrence of Your Retirement Quest: 10 Secrets for Creating and Living a Fulfilling Retirement. More information about the book is at

About the Guests

HoftiezerVirgilVirgil Hoftiezer was born and raised in northeastern South Dakota – the crossroad where four sets of great-grandparents from three different states intersected long enough for their descendants to establish roots and start families of their own. Virgil received his Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of Minnesota in 1973. After35 years of teaching, research, service,and administration, he retired from Indiana University School of Medicine,Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,where he was also Associate Director of the Northwest Center for Medical Education. Virgil and his wife of 51 years, Jan, have fulfilled one of many travel goals by visiting all seven continents. They now live at Kendal at Granville, the furthermost of a gradual eastern trek -the exact opposite of an innate desire to go west. The Hoftiezers have five grandchildren and four children, all of whom were born in Minnesota, but now live in four different states.

SpectorAlanAlan Spector retired from a 33-year career with the Procter & Gamble Company in 2002, as Director of Worldwide Quality Assurance, and he began “practicing retirement” five years before that. In retirement, Al has pursued two of the passions of his youth, baseball and books. He continues to play baseball at age 70 and has coached his grandson’s team. Al has written and published five books (, as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles, and he is working on books six and seven. He also does strategic planning and quality assurance consulting for companies and non-profits, works out daily, is an avid crossword solver, is an active community volunteer, leads a mentoring program at the high school from which he graduated, and has sat on several boards. Al and his wife, Ann, returned “home” to St. Louis in mid-2009, having been away from their hometown for more than 40 years. They travel widely and enjoy their four grandchildren.

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