Boomer Generation Radio 9/27/2016: Episcopal Community Services and Grief Counseling

On the September 27, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio show, David Griffin, director of Episcopal Community Services, Debbie Derman, Ph.D., a grief counselor in suburban Philadelphia. , are the guests.

About the Guests

David Griffith, executive director of Episcopal Community Services, Philadelphia

Episcopal Community Services empowers vulnerable individuals and families by providing high‐quality social and educational services that affirm human dignity and promote social justice. Dave Griffith joined ECS as Executive Director in May of 2013. Dave is a lifelong Episcopalian and he and his family are members of Trinity, Solebury. Prior to ECS, Dave served as President and CEO of Modern Group Ltd where he remains Chairman. Dave is also board chair of the Delaware Valley Floral Group and a director of the JJ Haines Company. In addition Dave serves as Vice Chairman of the Philadelphia World Affairs Council, and director of The Hepatitis B Foundation and Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center. Prior to Modern, Dave was an executive with IBM and MCI in a number of different functions. Dave has a lifelong passion for children and educational issues and has been involved with several nonprofits in these areas. ECS allows Dave to bring his passion for these issues, his business experience, and his experience with the Episcopal Church to bear on delivering positive outcomes and results for the clients and employees of ECS.


dermandeborahDeborah Derman is a grief counselor in suburban Philadelphia. She works with children, adolescents, and adults. Her expertise is in working with young widows and widowers. She also works with parents who have lost children, and children who have lost parents. Much of Deborah’s experience involves working with individuals who have undergone traumatic loss, such as the families of 9/11 in Staten Island, New York. Deborah leads many support groups for widows and widowers who have been widowed for several years. These support groups identify and work on issues related to the formation of new lives: new jobs, new homes, and new relationships. These groups are significant in that they address the needs of bereaved individuals many years after the loss.


Boomer Generation Radio is sponsored in part by Kendal Corporation, a Quaker-based provider of continuing care retirement communities in the Northeast and Midwest, airs on WWDB-AM 860 every Tuesday at 10 a.m., and features news and conversation aimed at Baby Boomers and the issues facing them as members of what Rabbi Address calls “the club sandwich generation.” You can hear the show live on AM 860, or streamed live from the WWDB website.

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