Boomer Generation Radio April 22 program features Baby Boomers’ Handbook for Women

Dr. Joanne White, a business coach and co-author of The Baby Boomer’s Handbook for Women, is the guest in the first half of the April 22 episode of Boomer Generation Radio on WWDB-AM.

In the second half of the program, sponsored by Kendal Corporation, Rabbi Address welcomes Lynn Giacobbe, executive director of Kendal at Home in Westlake, OH, near Cleveland.

Guest Biographies

International Author and Speaker, Dr Jo Anne White is the host of POWER Your Life Radio & Television Shows. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant and Energy Master Teacher who holds a Masters & a Doctoral degree.

Jo Anne on TV setFor over two decades she’s been using Success Principles to enrich the lives and businesses of her clients. Known globally as the “Success Doc”, White gets to the heart of what matters most to businesses and people.

Since childhood Dr. Jo Anne White has dreamed of dedicating her life to service. She’s been living her dream for over twenty years, helping millions of men, women, families and businesses reach their dreams and overcome personal and professional challenges.

Doc White is a counselor, speaker and certified life, leadership and business coach specializing in Innovation, Transformation and Energy Medicine.

As a sought-after keynote and corporate speaker, her seminars uplift, inspire, motivate and transform, while moving people and businesses forward to live their greatest potential.

She earned both her Masters in Education and Doctoral Degree from Temple University and taught at Temple University’s Dept of Education for over fifteen years.

Jo Anne White’s client care is matched to the unique needs and special talents of each person and organization. Her total therapeutic approach integrates mind, body and spirit to facilitate balance, success and wellness. She empowers people to access their own personal joy, harmony, love, wisdom and abundance.


Lynne Giacobbe, executive director, Kendal-at-Home
Lynne Giacobbe
Executive Director


Lynne Giacobbe has served as Executive Director of Kendal at Home since its inception over 10 years ago. Lynne has worked in the non-profit field for more than 30 years. For the past 25 years she has worked in the area of administration and program development. Lynne is the Executive Director of Ohio’s first continuing care at home community “without walls”. Through the development of Kendal at Home, Lynne has helped to bring the concept of continuing care to older adults who prefer to spend their retirement years in their own home.

Read full bio here.


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