Boomer Generation Radio welcomes Nathan Kottkamp, healthcare attorney and founder of National Healthcare Decision Day

Nathan Kottkamp
Nathan Kottkamp

Nathan Kottkamp, a healthcare attorney with the McGuireWoods law firm in Richmond, VA, and founder of “National Healthcare Decision Day,” is the guest on this week’s Boomer Generation Radio program with Rabbi Address. National Healthcare Decision Day was April 16 this year.

Nathan A. Kottkamp
Nathan A. Kottkamp

Kottkamp started National Healthcare Decision Day “to inspire, educate & empower the public & providers about the importance of advance care planning. National Healthcare Decisions Day is an initiative to encourage patients to express their wishes regarding healthcare and for providers and facilities to respect those wishes, whatever they may be.”


Nathan concentrates in healthcare law, including Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, third-party reimbursement, federal and state regulatory compliance, fraud and abuse, self-referral prohibitions, privacy and confidentiality requirements, patient rights and clinical ethics, medical staff privileges, healthcare contracts, “certificate of public need” proposals, reproductive medicine, healthcare antitrust, HIPAA, EMTALA, healthcare professional education accreditation, and advance directives. Nathan’s clients include health systems, hospitals, specialized medical practices, mental health services providers and universities.


Boomer Generation Radio airs on WWDB-AM 860 every Tuesday at 10 a.m., and features news and conversation aimed at Baby Boomers and the issues facing them as members of what Rabbi Address calls “the club sandwich generation.” You can hear the show live on AM 860, or streamed live from the WWDB website.

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