Long exposure shot near Dyrhólaey, Iceland. Photo by Claudio Büttler on Unsplash

B’reishet: Creating A Mature Spirituality

Welcome to the new Torah reading cycle. With the conclusion of the Holidays, we begin again our annual journey of discovery. We are at Creation; and it is “good”. This Torah portion is a semester [Read more…]


Sukkot 5782: Is It Time To Let Go?

The festival of Sukkot has, for many, had to suffer in the shadow of the High Holidays. We forget that it has a major place in our festival cycle, indeed, often referred to as THE [Read more…]


A Yom Kippur Litany of Blessings…To Be Added After Our “Al Chet”: It’s About Time!

We have written about the fact that maybe it is time–especially in these times–to recite a litany of blessings during Yom KIppur. This piece came from one of our followers and we invite you focus [Read more…]

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High Holidays 5782: For The Blessings……

There is a meditation in one of our prayer books that speaks of the difficulty in singing of “oneness”. The meditation comes as we prepare to recite Kaddish. There is a theme of the importance [Read more…]

Carole Leskin Photo/Used by permission.

For S’lichot: As We Prepare….

S’lichot, as many of you  know, signals the final turn in our calendar to the on rushing High Holidays. Rosh Hoshannah is now before us. Elul is waning and with it the final preparations for [Read more…]


Family Caregivers: A Prayer from Alden Solovy

Shalom. Alden Solovy, the premier poet and creative liturgist in our community has published a prayer on behalf of family caregivers. We have posted examples of other Caregiver prayers and are delighted  that Alden gave [Read more…]

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Elul 5781: We Begin Our Turn, But To What or To Whom?

Elul is here. It is the month the leads directly to Rosh Hoshonnah (erev is Sept. 6). It is the month when we are called by tradition to begin our turn of soul and self to [Read more…]