is an online resource and community providing expert content to families in transition so that they may find support and viable solutions to their challenges.

At one point or another all families will go through some type of transition that can cause a family a tremendous amount of stress.

To help these families make healthy transitions, we provide original articles, tools, resources and experts on topics such as, parenting, divorce, health crisis and aging. The articles are meant to educate, inspire and help our community to feel supported. You are not alone.

Roseann-VanellaOur Publisher, Roseann Vanella has spent a lifetime witnessing many families in transition on both a professional and personal level. She is a Professional Family Mediator who clearly understands the impact on families going through life changes.

Roseann is a recognized expert on divorce & family matters and her words of wisdom have appeared in the Huffington Post. She also channels her vast experience and understanding of family issues into a weekly radio show. She hosts “Family Affaires,” which reaches a worldwide audience through WTER Radio.

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