We believe that every community should be proactive in dealing with the issues of aging. To be proactive, you need a plan, a task force and programs that involve the young, the old and everyone in between…a daunting task.

Through our consulting services, we can help you prepare a Master Plan custom tailored to your needs. Our step-by-step implementation plan will make a mole hill out of a mountain, keeping you on track towards an effective comprehensive program.


We offer a wide array of workshops and presentations for your community. Some presentations are designed as an introduction to the Sacred Aging approach to community involvement. Others are designed to kick-off various aspects of your Master Plan, generate community interest and involvement and some are designed to be “continuing education” that will take your program to the next level.

Here are some examples:

Workshops on Jewish Sacred Aging
Available to your Congregation and Organization

For information contact Rabbi Address at: rfaddress@aol.com

  1. The “Art” of Care-giving:: An examination of traditional interpretations of the Commandment to “honor and respect” our parents. A look at how the texts and tradition can be understood in light of the contemporary challenges of our new expanded life stage called “care-giver”. A look at the pressures and implications of being in the “club-sandwich” generation; the reality of multi-generational care-giving
  2. Making Sacred Decisions: A look at texts and Jewish tradition to examine how Judaism has evolved as a “holistic” medical system. The examination of sources on health and healing and the role of the physician and the creation of a text based theory of decision making in light of emerging medical technology.
  3. Creating Rituals for Life’s Third Stage: The longevity revolution is producing new opportunities for the creation of rituals that inform, enhance and guide new life stages and situations; from moving from one’s home to transitioning after the death of a spouse to a re-visioning of adultery in light of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  4. Embracing A New Jewish Future: A look at the demographics of the new Jewish older adult. The multi-generational cohorts that now are impacting our community and the implications for programming. A look at some of the issues that are now emerging: health care and entitlements, the growth and use of “spiritual capital” and the changes in Jewish life and practice being created by these cohorts.
  5. Jewish Approaches to Mental Health Issues: Jewish tradition is a fascinating resource to explore mental health issues. From the Bible through contemporary sources, the tradition has attempted to deal with issues that range from depression to caring for individuals who can no longer care for themselves. In this workshop, we will explore the traditional definitions of a person dealing with mental illness, trace the diagnostic approach that tradition gives us and examine how the sources can inform us in dealing with current situations.
  6.  Jewish Approaches to Health and Wellness:   A look at classic texts, from prayer book to Tanach and Talmud to Maimonides and current thinkers on how Judaism approaches the issue of health. An examination of how medicine is viewed from our tradition and how Judaism is a holistic medical system. An overview of why how we treat out bodies is a reflection of our relationship with God and self.
  7.  The 3/4 Life Challenge: As we age we become more aware of our own mortality and ask how we can live so as life has meaning. In this session we will explore how a series of Torah texts can form a foundation for our own life’s next stage.


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