Dangerous Myths And Often Shunned Topics

Anshe Emeth of New Brunswick, N.J. has a wide ranging continuing education program. This year, the congregation has created a 6 part series dealing with “topics that we either believe don’t apply to Jews or topics that we pretend that we don’t need to talk about.” The series meets Monday nights from 7.30-9.00pm as “Kollel:Meaningful Jewish Learning”. Area rabbis plus congregation rabbis and experts do the teaching. The topics for the year are:
1. What Does Judaism Have to Say About Mental Health?
2. Jewish Approaches to Health and Wellness
3. Reform Judaism Addresses End-of-Life Decisions
4. A Guide to Making Sacred Decisions at the End of Life: AN Approach from Jewish Texts
5. A Jewish Response to Addiction
6. Walk In My Ways and Be Blameless: Striving for Perfection in an Imperfect World.

For further information contact Rabbi Bennett Miller or Rabbi Phil Bazeley. temple@aemt.info

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