Do You KNow of “ReServe®”?

Here is another program that Boomers may enjoy. Dawn Mastoridis is Marketing Director of ReServe®, an innovative organization that matches professionals age 55+ with organizations that need their expertise. Non profits and public agencies, and Community Partners can tap in to the lifetime of experience to fill gaps at affordable rates. There is a small stipend paid to “ReServists” which is paid by the employers who also pay a small program fee. ReServists come from all walks of life, and include marketing managers, social workers, artists, administrative assistants, HR professionals, financial analysts, as well as people who have worked at all levels of health care, banking, advertising, education and government. As Boomers seek to expand their impact and use our life experience, ReServe® may be a good possibility. Jewish Sacred Aging spoke with Dawn recently (we are trying to get a date for a podcast) and she is looking for volunteers in several locations around USA. Go to There is a Facebook page at and you can contact Dawn at

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