Elder abuse is focus of Boomer Generation Radio April 8 program

Betty Long, president of Guardian Nurses and Denise Getgen, chief of consumer protection, Pennsylvania Dept. of Aging, are guests

Denise Getgen, chief of protective services for the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, discusses elder abuse with Rabbi Address on the April 8 Boomer Generation Radio program, in the opening segment sponsored by Kendal Corporation. Visit the department’s Protective Services page.

In the second half of the program, Betty Long, president and CEO of Guardian Nurses, Bala Cynwyd, discusses healthcare advocacy for seniors.

Betty Long, RN, MHA, President & CEO, Guardian Nurses
Betty Long, RN, MHA
President & CEO
Guardian Nurses

Betty Long, RN, MHA, founded Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates after guiding several elder family members through the healthcare system. She couldn’t help but wonder, what happens to patients who do not have a nurse in the family?

To test her theory that nurse advocates would benefit patients and families, Betty began offering her services for free to friends and word-of-mouth referrals. The response was overwhelming. Betty developed a business plan and incorporated Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates in October 2003.  That was 10 years ago!

The Guardian Nurses’ philosophy of championing patients’ rights to quality healthcare was inspired by the story of Florence Nightingale, often credited with being the “Mother of Modern Nursing.” The young nurse, working in overcrowded hospital wards during the Crimean War, noticed an extraordinarily high incidence of respiratory infections among the soldiers. She took the bold step of opening the ward windows, which resulted in a marked decrease in the infection rate. With that small intervention, the first nurse advocate is thought to have saved countless lives.

In the spirit of “The Lady with the Lamp,” Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates now lights the way through the healthcare maze for thousands of patients and families.

Boomer Generation Radio airs on WWDB-AM 860 every Tuesday at 10 a.m., and features news and conversation aimed at Baby Boomers and the issues facing them as members of what Rabbi Address calls “the club sandwich generation.” You can hear the show live on AM 860, or streamed live from the WWDB website.

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