Faithful Reform in Health Care

Faithful Reform In Health Care is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to elevate faith-inspired voices in support of affordable quality health care for all the U.S.”

Rev. Linda Walling, executive director of Faithful Reform in Health Care
Rev. Linda Walling

Rev. Linda Walling is the inspiration behind this organization which is drawing from an inter-faith pool to develop a grass roots call for health care reform. The organization wishes to empower leadership and laity to be change agents in this area. The goal of the coalition is to develop relationships in:

  • Connecting scriptural narratives, theological perspectives and faith values to health care reform initiatives so that people of faith may dialogue about the issue around shared faith values—in spite of differing theological ideologies
  • Building the needed infrastructure among national, state and local organizations and individuals to strengthen  the faith response to the new opportunities emerging for reform in our states and nation.
  • Producing and collecting the educational, devotional, communications and advocacy resources necessary to help people of faith work more effectively for reform.

Jewish organizations that have signed on as founding members include:

  • Union for Reform Judaism
  • United Jewish Communities

For more information or to contact Faithful Reform:

Rev Linda Hanna Walling
Executive Director
Faithful Reform In Health Care
3000 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH. 44115

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