Family Caregivers: A Prayer from Alden Solovy

Shalom. Alden Solovy, the premier poet and creative liturgist in our community has published a prayer on behalf of family caregivers. We have posted examples of other Caregiver prayers and are delighted  that Alden gave us permission to post his. Alden has also done several  Seekers of Meaning podcasts for Jewish Sacred Aging® and you can listen to them by searching his name on Thank you again Alden for the permission to share this powerful and meaningful prayer for Family Caregivers.

G-d of health and healing

Bless our family and friends

Who have taken on the sacred task of giving care and comfort

To their loved ones,

Committing their time, energy and physicial labor

To the well being of dear ones

At a time of immeasurable need.

Grant them wisdom and skill,

Compassion and dedication,

Energy and endurance,

As time passes and tasks increase.

Remind them to care for themselves,

And to nourish their bodies and souls,

So easily forgotten in this time of need.

Source of shelter,

Rock of life,

Bless all who dedicate themselves

To the care of others,

And bring lasting health and healing

To all in need.

(c) 2021 Alden Solovy and…reprinted here with permission of Alden Solovy


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