Finding North: 30 days of discovery and inspiration in Haifa

Photo by Shalev Cohen on Unsplash
Photo by Shalev Cohen on Unsplash

What: Finding North is a month-long live abroad experience in Haifa, Israel. Participants interact with local communities, encounter local innovators and artists, create a personal midrash/life narrative, volunteer, and engage in guided text study. Accessing the wisdom of Jewish thought, they embark on a journey of reflection and reorientation toward life’s next chapter in an open and welcoming Jewish context.

Who: Adventurous adults 55+ who are ready to experience life in a rich and vibrant multicultural city. Build Jewish community with other curious and engaged retired or semi-retired adults and set your intention for what’s next while enjoying Haifa and northern Israel’s cultural and natural landscapes.

When: February 22nd – March 23rd, 2022.

Where: Haifa’s Turkish Market Compound, a cultural and culinary hub in the vibrant Lower City. Participants will live in fully furnished studio apartments.

Why: Enter the next chapter of life with the renewed energy and purpose that comes from taking a moment to step out of your life, reflect on where you’ve been, and reorient toward the future.

How: Set out on a journey of storytelling through immersion in Haifa, informal Jewish study and reflection, and day trips. Then, weave your Personal Midrash.

The team: Rabbi Dr. Golan Ben-Chorin, co-founder and spiritual director; Rabbi Dr. Kerry Olitzky, consulting advisor and mentor; and Johanna Ginsberg, journalist and narrative coach.

Join us for an immersive experience using the wisdom of Jewish thought with Haifa as the lens and landscape. For more information, contact Johanna Ginsberg at

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