First Day Of Passover: Shabbat: What Question Will You Ask? How Will You Answer?

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This Shabbat finds us celebrating  both Shabbat and Passover’s first full day. The Torah reading comes from Exodus and the story of the command to observe this day and to teach the children and to remember that we were slaves. All themes that we speak of at seder. Likewise, we recite questions that speak to the special aspect of the seder as well as the holiday. So, for this Shabbat, a selection from a commentary published in the Holistic Hagaddah (Michael L Kogan. 2004. Urim Pub. Jerusalem. p.50) on the section of the Four Questions.

The sections reminds us that on Tisha B’Av we ask Eikha-How am I living my life? We ask Ayekha on Rosh Hoshonnah, “Where am I on life’s path?” On Passover we ask Mah? “What Am I?” The thrust of this is to remind us that Judaism asks us never to stop asking questions. In that way, when we are asked what is different every year we can ask ourselves the following: “In what way are you prepared to be different after this night? The Exodus from Mitzraim is about the willingness to let go and be different. If, by the end of this experiential evening, you come away unmoved, unwilling to shift, uncompromising in your self-righteousness then it will be as if you were never there. Remember, more than half of the Children of Israel opted to stay behind rather than take the risk of letting go”

Have a sweet and healthy Passover

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