Gamliel Institute: Kavod v’Nichum Chevra Kadisha Training

In the work of Jewish Sacred Aging, we frequently run across conversations about support for families and individuals as life ebbs. One of the issues that has surfaced in recent years is the tradition of caring for the body.

The traditional “Chevra Kadisha” groups have begun, in many communities, to receive increased attention. I wanted to make those of you who may be interested in being trained in this area, that a new class on this is starting at the end of March. The course “focuses on the very broad range of tasks that groups such as Chevra Kadisha may encompass (though in different communities, the tasks may be divided among different organizations or groups, such as Bikkur Cholim groups, a Caring Community, and/or Shiva society)”.

The Gamliel Institute is the leadership training arm established by Kavod V’Nichum (honor and comfort). Gamliel is the major source for training throughout North America and beyond that provides extensive advanced training for those who lead, organize or perform training regarding mitzvoth related to Jewish dying, death and comfort.
You can get more information on Kavod V’Nichum and the Gamliel Institute and the upcoming class by contacting Rabbi Joe Blair at: or

Likewise, David Zinner who is director of Kavod V’Nichum and Gamliel at:

A reminder that we will be posting a podcast with David Zinner this month on our on-going Jewish Sacred Aging podcast series. That podcast is scheduled to post Friday March 17.
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