Grandparenting Trans Grandchildren–A New Resource

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Shalom. This blog grew out of several recent programs that we did for local JCCs here in South New Jersey  on the subject of the “New” Jewish Grandparent. Longevity, health and, for many, some solid economic security has developed a more active and involved generation of grandparents. No doubt many of you who are reading this fit this profile. We are much more involved with our grandchildren than other generations and are so in ways from assisting in their care to adventure trips and financial support.

One of the  issues that has come up in these discussions is the challenge of dealing with the grandchild who is in the process of transitioning from one gender to another, or who may present to us as gender fluid. The family dynamic around this can be challenging. What new borders and boundaries need to be established. How do we continue to support and love this child? What about if we have issues with this? How do we/can we support our adult children who are parenting this child?

I wanted to make you aware that there is a new program being launched this month specifically for grandparents. It is a product of the Union for Reform Judaism and the Jewish Grandparents Network in partnership with Keshet. It is called Trans-Generations and it is designed to be “a safe and inclusive online space where Jewish and Jewish-Adjacent grandparents can connect about their trans, non binary and gender-expansive family members”. This program is designed to meet monthly starting Thursday August 17..1-2.30pm EDT. The group will be facilitated by experts in the field. If you would like to register, email Stephanie  Fink:

This may be a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts and from peers in a safe and confidential environment.

Thank you

Rabbi Richard F Address

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