In A Moment of Need, A “Quick Prayer for Healing”

Shalom. Alden Solovy is a gifted writer or prayer and meditations. He has done two very powerful Seekers of Meaning podcasts for us on some of his books (CCAR Press). He recently posted a “Quick Prayer for Healing” on his site ( He wrote that some times all of us find ourselves in a moment when a prayer for healing would be needed. “This one can be used when hearing about a sudden illness, thinking about someone who is injured or chronically ill or when you hear the sound of an ambulance”. Many colleagues are concerned after hearing news of one our treasured colleagues who recently suffered a heart attack. What can we say “in that moment?”.  Alden has given us permission to reprint what he posted. His “Quick Prayer for Healing”

G-d of love,

Cast the light of health and well being

On the injured, the infiirm and the insecure,

All who yearn for Your healing hand.

Bless them with healing of body

Healing of soul

And healing of spirit.

Grant all in need a full and complete recovery.

Blessed are You, Adonai our G-d, Source of Life.

(c) 2012 Alden Solovy and ( All rights reserved.

See also “Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing” (

To listen to his Seekers of Meaning podcasts, see below on the Seekers of Meaning section of this page.

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