Jewish Perinatal Loss Summit 2023

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There are few losses as painful as the loss of an unborn or a newly born child.  They are far more common than we imagine.  Over one in four pregnancies result in loss and one in 160 result in stillbirth.  Although our Jewish rituals provide a strong structure for support of the bereaved for adults they are uncertain and absent for perinatal loss.
The Jewish Perinatal Loss Summit 2023 seeks to engage in a dialogue about how to fill this gap and provide stronger support for families suffering from perinatal loss.  It also seeks to provide guidance for those providing nechama (comfort) for those suffering loss.
The conference is free and is on February 1, 9, and 15 at 8 pm EST.

The conference brings together speakers who have their own journeys of loss and counselors who have guided hundreds of families who have suffered these losses. In addition, it includes Rabbis who have worked to provide meaningful rituals to deal with these losses.
The conference begins on February 1 with Rabbi Ilan Glazer of Our Love Continues, a Facebook group for families dealing with perinatal loss and Cantor Hinda Labovitz of Ohr Kodesh Synagogue, on “Grappling with Loss:  The Personal Stories” who will both speak on their personal journeys with loss and how they work to find a path to coping with those losses.  
They will be joined by Dr Aimee Baron the Founder and Executive Director of I Was Supposed to Have a Baby.
On February 9, we will hear from Dvora Entin a renowned social worker specializing in reproductive and perinatal mental health who will address  “Time Does Not Heal All Wounds: The Wisdom of Grieving Perinatal Loss.”   She will be joined by Nancy Berlow of the National Council of Jewish Women, Pregnancy Loss and Support Program.
Finally, on February 15, two of the pioneers in the area of creative rituals to deal with perinatal loss, Rabbi Janet Madden and Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, will address Rituals to deal with the spiritual and emotional challenges.   Both of them have created innovative rituals to deal with these losses and Rabbi Cardin is the author of Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Hope:  A Jewish Spiritual Companion for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss. They will be joined by Reva Judas the creator and founder of NechamaComfort.

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