Jewish Sacred Aging Members Now Eligible for New Healthcare Help Benefit

HealthProponent logoDo you have a medical bill issue that you are struggling to resolve? Do you have a loved one that needs special care? Have you been diagnosed with a health condition and need to find a specialist?

At some point in our lives, we will all need to navigate our complex healthcare system. Therefore, Jewish Sacred Aging is pleased to announce a new healthcare help service being offered to our members at a special rate. Download this PDF file for more information.

Health Proponent® is a membership service that offers trusted, personalized assistance to help resolve a variety of healthcare- and insurance-related issues such as locating providers and addressing billing matters.

Health Proponent is the consumer division of Health Advocate, the nation’s leading independent healthcare advocacy and assistance company. It provides access to your own Personal Health Advocate supported by a team of medical directors and benefits experts. They help individuals and their families get access to the healthcare they need, resolve burdensome issues and lower medical costs.

Membership Includes:

  • Help finding doctors, dentists, hospitals and other providers
  • Assistance with billing issues
  • Explanation of complex conditions
  • Research on the latest treatment options
  • Expediting appointments
  • Facilitating transfer of medical records, X-rays, test results
  • Assistance with senior issues
  • Insurance coverage clarification
  • Medical bill negotiation
  • Access to Online Health Tools

In addition the service assists you as well as your spouse, dependent children, and parents and parents-in-law. Health Proponent lifts the burden and saves you and your entire family time, money and worry.

Get Started Today!

To get a FREE consultation or for more information about Health Proponent and the special pricing (including a 30 day money-back guarantee) please call: 877-619-3435 or 61-We-Help or visit:



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