Judaism, Older Adults, Mental Health and Your Congregation – URJ Webinar April 18 2pm

Is your congregation looking for ways to discuss mental health? Are you actively looking for ways to support older adults with depression and other mental illnesses in your community? Rabbi Address will be leading a webinar for the Union for Reform Judaism on April 18.

Download a flyer here. Mental Health Learning Opportunity


Click the blue button to register. Join URJ on April 18th, 2pm ET for a webinar, offered by the URJ-Ruderman Family Foundation Disabilities Inclusion Initiative as part of an online learning series, which will provide strategies for reducing stigma around mental illness, and properly supporting those among us who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms. This session will examine mental illness and mental health as they relate to adults.
Participants will view the Jewish textual tradition surrounding this issue, look at how these texts can relate to their families, and take note of how some congregations have programmed around this issue in recent years. In particular, we will take notice of the alarming rise, as a result of the revolution in longevity, of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and how this issue is re-shaping families.

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