Kendal Corporation assisted living experts visit new one-hour Boomer Generation Radio, February 4

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Assisted living experts Beryl D. Goldman, Ph.D, RN, NHA, Director for Kendal Outreach LLC, and Director for Marketing and Public Relations at The Kendal Corporation, were the first guests on the expanded one-hour Boomer Generation Radio program that debuted on WWDB-AM February 4.


Beryl D. Goldman, Ph.D, RN, NHA, Director for Kendal Outreach LLC
Beryl D. Goldman, Ph.D, RN, NHA, Director for Kendal Outreach LLC

BERYL D. GOLDMAN, Ph.D, RN, NHA, Director for Kendal Outreach, LLC,
plays a critical role in facilitating restraint free policies and care practices. Currently, she oversees the Pennsylvania Restraint Reduction Initiative, which received a grant for its 17th year in July of 2012; and the implementation portion of The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Best Practices Project, a five-year project which ended in 2006; and also led the implementation for a one-year project, Models to improve Care, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health. Currently, Beryl serves as Project Director for the federal Health Resources and Services Administration Nursing Education, Practice and Retention Grant in partnership with Widener University. This three-year grant is designed to improve the quality of care provided in nursing homes in the Delaware Valley by offering leadership training to nursing leaders working in long-term care. In addition, Beryl serves as the Outreach Leader for the national Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup, which includes representatives of academia, the health care industry, and government working together for safety.


Bill Silbert is the director of marketing and public relations at The Kendal Corporation.

Over the past 40 years, The Kendal Corporation has earned a national reputation for excellence in the development of communities and services for older men and women, based on a system of values and practices reflecting Quaker principles, including equality, community, simplicity and respect for the individual. Kendal communities are now located in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia. More information is available at

Other Kendal Podcast Programs

Jewish Sacred Aging’s webmaster has produced several podcasts for The Kendal Corporation, including a presentation by Dr. R. Knight Steel, MD, the endowed professor of Geriatrics at The New Jersey Medical School; chief of the Division of Geriatrics and director of The Homecare Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center; and program director of the Geriatric Fellowship Program at the UMDNJ – New Jersey Medical School and Hackensack University Medical Center. Dr. Steele spoke as Kendal Outreach’s guest at the 2009 American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging conference held in Chicago. You can hear his presentation here.

A second Kendal podcast featured a presentation by Dr. Dennis McCullough, MD, author of My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing ‘Slow Medicine,’ The Compassionate Approach to Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones. Dr. McCullough spoke Kendal Corporation’s guest at the 2008 American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging conference held in Philadelphia. You can hear that podcast here.

About Boomer Generation Radio

Boomer Generation Radio airs on WWDB-AM 860 every Tuesday at 10 a.m., and features news and conversation aimed at Baby Boomers and the issues facing them as members of what Rabbi Address calls “the club sandwich generation.” You can hear the show live on AM 860, or streamed live from the WWDB website.

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