Knowing Who You Are – Self-Identity Shapes a Senior’s Fulfilling Life

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From the perspective of my age, early 80s, I believe a vital senior would benefit from knowing who they are (self-identity) to guide what to do (life experience) to assess how it’s going (quality of life, as determined by wellness, connectness, passion, purpose and peace).

Recently I felt the urge to list my self-identity dimensions, to check if I’m living an optimal life – according to my its vision and values. I came up with a dozen, which I used as the outline of my poem to celebrate and clarify how good my life is. Whether your life’s list is long or short matters less than claiming what makes you unique, valued and competent as a senior – to create your best life yet and enable you to be of service to others.

Your self-identity list could lead to creating a poem, as I’ve done, or other formats – such as a short story, email, video, performance piece, autobiography, meditation guide, and word art. Beyond the poem below being my personal statement, I hope it serves as an illustration to encourage and inspire you to author, appreciate and apply your self-identity – one that is mature, long-and-hard-earned, wisdom-filled and gloriously you.

How to describe myself to me? … to others?

In accepting my fullness will they too?

Enough self-hiding … here’s who I am

Love … the core on my humanity

Family or friends … casual or committed

With an open, caring, giving heart 

Jewish from birth … a prized heritage

Curious to sample other traditions

Spiritual awakening … anchored wisdom

Gay since a kid … closeted until age 50

Stigma erased by spiritual awareness

An instant-straight pill marketed … nope!

Exploding Creativity … risking “you’re crazy”

Edgy poems, stirring songs, vibrant lifestyle

Forget the ordinary … seek secret treasures

Persistent Positivity empowers my sanity

Affirming thoughts … vital commitments

Confidence soars as insights guide me

On Stage revealing my life’s mysteries

Expressing raw feelings to audiences

From imagination springs show-and-tell

Wonderful friends around the globe

Awed by human diversity’s brilliance

Multicultural bonds yield inner knowing

 My Holistic gears alchemize harmony

Cultivate the parts to harvest synergy

Enhanced living for radiant well-being

Multiple roles sculpt keep me stretching

Teacher, coach, healer, singer, poet, etc.

The experiences enrich my essence

Excited in cities … peaceful in Nature

Clears my head … animates my heart

Illuminating my true Human Nature

Evolving beyond my pain traps

Actualizing greater Human Potential

Feeling passion, purpose, peace

Ignited by my Soul … trusting intuition

Portal to Divinity … life’s riddles unravel

Inspiration leads me to elevated realities

Learn more about Adventurous Aging, how seniors can use our self-identity to create a wisdom-powered life, check out You can contact Larry at, or +1-928-202-0010 (USA, Eastern Time).

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